Big Game

Canto I

Went out huntin’ today,

trackin’ Ideas.

An’ I’m talkin’ Big Game:

Quantum Theory,

molecular structures, and

the artistry of mathematics.

Social infrastructure,

the bending of time,

and the common threads of man

from time’s murky beginnings.

So there’s me, all

strapped and packin’ and armed to the eyeballs.

The horizon in my glass,

silently camouflaged,

gaze like determination on fire.

Canto II


after an hour or so

of all that,

I slowed.

And stopped.

And dropped my pack.

And lay me down in

this here wide, waving

field of green.

Where grasshoppers

are quick, lively thoughts, uncaught;

and beetles

know of the micro-organics

of life, but aren’t sharing.

Canto III

Grasses sing against bare legs,

the sun a sigh, a hand drawn through hair.

eyes full of the blue

infinity of sky.

Punctuated, here and there

with a shrug of a cloud.

I went out looking for the answer.

And all I found was you.


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