Woman is a Wilderness

Perhaps you happened to see me this morning,

unfurling in green phosphorescence from the warm womb of this April branch.

Or drifting aloft,

pushed from the throat of a thrush, perched in joyous repose on fenceposts in the dewy breath of day.

I am spring deliciously living,

in warm, soaking sunshine rivers, drinking and drinking

until I am full-up of light, root to petal,

and shining again, in reflection, yellow and bright and unending.

I am a leaping thing

alighting in hope

on the shoulders and watch chains and muddy-fingered minds of

stodgy, plodding man-

a sudden spark of

bright knowing.

I am cloud shadows

racing over greening fields

dotted with flowers of lace and glad yearning.

I dart jubilant over smooth riverstones,

clear and racing,

and twirl with upward laughter

caught up to blue-shot continents of sky.

I am this bursting, aching, kindled

mountain, rose-radiant and harmonious with the heaviness of

breaking life.

I am these lightning days,

bright and quick and hot and disintegrating.

I am silvered sifting star-shadows

tracing trajectories over

ageless black ocean mirrors;

and the hidden song,

curled and expectant inside ancient golden strings

traced by time,

held taut between galaxies.

Original content Copyright © 2011 Shawnacy Marie Kiker. All Rights Reserved


One response to “Woman is a Wilderness

  1. the image on top is very thought provoking,
    love your words.
    what a refreshing treat.

    invite you to make a contribution to poets rally week 51 today.

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