ok we didn't really use one of these, but how cool would that have been!


So, folks (ha!… i like saying folks… folks, folks, folks… ),

the lovely and exceptionally talented R. Renee Vickers was the spirit of graciousness when she asked me to participate in her writers’ interviews project over at Muse Ampoule.  this was my first-ever interview and just a fantastic all-around experience. (thank you a-million-and-two renee!)

take a look, HERE, for my babbling, and then stay and peruse the amazing collection of interviews she has up, (here are a few links to start you off:  Ed Hart, Kerry O’ConnorLiliana Negoi, & Corey Rowley)   as well as her own brilliant work.

ready, set…. GO!


2 responses to “Interview!

  1. Can I say I love this without coming off as pretentious? LOL! Thanks Shawnacy, you really made this interview piece enjoyable!!

  2. what a delight for you to experience this, wow.
    happy for you.

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