dear everyone


challenge for today: write an epistle or letter-style poem.
linked to Real Toads.



Dear Everyone

Whatever you do,
do not waste time on shame.
In this life, you are yourself
and you must refuse the tantalizing
dish of shame and apology.

What is it, if I sit and look at the patches of cloud shadow
for an hour of a Tuesday morning.
If I choose to be slow,
and drink deeply of the days that land
in my lap like handkercheifs
blown from careless pockets.

What is it, if I narrow my
determined gaze and
focus my intention
on a concentrated point.

If I chose to work and walk
and pace my step to the fierce
snaredrum ratt-tatt-tatt
of my own heart.
What is that to anyone?

What is it if my laughter
comes easy,
held aloft
with the
feather lift of wing.

What is it to choose wonder over scorn.
To live unmanufactured.
To smile in suffering.
To take the long way.
To slip from the tiresome knots of opinion and demographic.

What is it to anyone at all if I do not wish to be entertained.
If I do not chose to be pampered.
If I care nothing whatever for distinctions of

I will not carry around shame like a plaster mold,
cast in unseen bars,
hiding what breathes inside,
making motion moot.

I will not be sorry that I am myself
and not another.
I will not hold in my wingspan
I will not dim the lights.

I will walk the world on rooftop volcano steps,
flying from one to the next,
skeleton aflame beneath my skin,
burning in me like the burning core of the earth
in weightless metallic revolution.

It spins a song,
woven of the
breath of time and spirit.

And so does yours –
there beneath your
inside your cells.
The mitochondrial song of
your every microscopic
grain of living sand.

Take my hand,
here under this sharp-hooked moon.
Send pretense packing like the beggar he is,
and walk with me over the uncharted
burning coal
road of today.

And we will lie under a
black sea sky,
spilled over with glittering pieces-

And we will listen deep
until we can hum the tune.

And I’ll hum you mine,
and will listen
to yours.
And they will float along the swells
and hollows of the night
-our songs-
leaving a trail
as of moon
on the water.

A trail we will learn to walk.


15 responses to “dear everyone

  1. “What is it?”

    It is nothing.

    And it is everything.

    The depth of you astounds me.

    This is perfect.

  2. This is so wonderful. To live without shame, guilt, remorse, pretense — it is a shame when guilty, remorseful people pretend their lives are good in spite of these negatives. They are wasting so much precious time. I wish everyone could take your advice.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  3. What an absolutely glorious poem! I so loved reading it. Awesome!

  4. Had to come back and say how much I especially love “I will not hold in my wingspan. I will not dim the lights.” Fantastic writing!

  5. This is just ‘wow’! I love it, I’m sharing it and I’m going to finish this comment so I can scroll up and read it again!

  6. You have wonderful metaphors … really beautiful, and I like this as a song, it would sing well.

  7. “-our songs- leaving a trail as of moon on the water” love that but oh my, I love the whole thing it’s marvelous! Thank you!

  8. I so want to walk this path! This was wonderful I will read it again~
    I am working on my now and struggling~ Brilliant!

  9. Thanks to all you lovely people 🙂
    raven- i would listen to your song with all my heart.

  10. I beautifully powerful poem, giving people strength, freedom and permission to be true and honest to themselves!

  11. Sage advice beautifully given and so many vivid images… I especially like the part about the handkerchiefs.

  12. I read this yesterday, and was quite undone… This words hit me hard on the breast-bone, all seem so super-relevant to the place I find myself right now!
    Yes, Shawnacy, I’ll take your hand, and hold on tight.

  13. i really enjoyed how you cast away shame and walked us along the path of your beautiful world so proudly. beautiful images and scenes here.

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