interview mania

ok, so maybe “mania” is too strong a word…

but i got the opportunity recently to virtually hang out with the lovely

Marian, from Runaway Sentence

(who is like a bucket full of really fun monkeys… on a ferris wheel… in space… ((ok, i dont even know what that means… she’s really nifty, ok?)) ) .

and we jabbered (well, i jabbered. she talked at a perfectly normal pace and gave nice complements) about limericks and what it’s like to have kids and still try to write; and i riffed on saul bellow and walt whitman for a little bit… etc, etc.

check it out, HERE if you have a moment (y’know.. if you’ve suddenly been sucked out of the space-time continuum, and are hanging in some kind of limbo vacuum…)

happy thursday you wonderful people, you.


ps. i just ate the most amazing greek sandwich creation EVER. .. no joke. best thing i’ve ever put in my mouth… just thought i’d share.

pps. seriously. it was really yummy.


One response to “interview mania

  1. Isn’t it a wonderful thing that we can hang out in virtual space with the coolest people on the planet? I marvel at it every day!

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