behind the mic

the interview streak continues, but this time i got to be the one behind the questions. (… be warned, i very much like that position.)

i got to ask all sorts of nosy questions, and spend some time in the brilliant and multiversed mind of Kenia Cris.

Hailing from Brazil, and writing bilingually, Kenia is a passionate poet, thinker and photographer. Take a look at her words:


I sing to
The unrecoverable
Ordinary days

In the void
In the wind
On my face


Take some time to read the interview and be introduced, HERE, and then check out her work HERE.

Thank you, Kenia for being such a willing, inspiring and darling interviewee.


3 responses to “behind the mic

  1. i can hear you singing all the way from off-coastal brazil

  2. You took up a position behind the questions all too well, my friend. This is a brilliant interview!

  3. I’m really glad with your questions and interest in my life as a poet. You are a joy Shawnacy. Thanks again. ❤

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