Friday light – Anis Mojgani

i had not delved into the world of spoken-word poetry until very recently, when a friend shared this with me.

Anis Mojgani has won piles of spoken word and literary awards. he captured me with this, and i have come to love his work intensely. he has a purity that is rare and beautiful, and he makes himself almost unbearably real. he seems to be noting but a divine invitation. an open door. a dropped key.

watch him here. watch his eyes and the smiling cast of his mouth as he speaks. watch his hands, how they speak. watch him on his toes, alive with the beauty of his vision. hear his tone, his voice that wants all the words to rush out over the vocal instruments and through his teeth to your individual heart.

take this, today.



14 responses to “Friday light – Anis Mojgani

  1. Worth Checking out Def Poetry.

    and, Suheir Hammad

    • that was brilliant. i had not heard suheir before. thank you so much for sharing her.
      spoken word has such power.
      … andrea gibson, derrick brown, suehir, anis… i love the world for their being in it.

  2. Tears and trembling fingers!

    ‘None of this has ever been for me. All that pushes, pulls, pushes, pulls pushes for you..’

  3. WOW.
    (says the girl who just opened her own youtube account, BEFORE seeing this video) (yikes)

  4. all of a sudden i feel like i’m living in the poetry dark ages…thank you

  5. Just came back to say that I showed this to all my classes today, and you could have heard a pin drop. The bell rang for break when my grade 11 reprobates were halfway through it, and not one of them moved until it was finished. So thanks again!

  6. Amazing… thanks so much for sharing this!!

  7. Aw, maaan. You like SpOkEN WoRD. Just when I thought you were one of the cool kids 😦

    • hA! the day i wake up and find that i’m one of the ‘___fillintheblank__’ kids i will don the moldy sackcloth and switch to a diet of nothing but earwigs.

  8. Ah, but the cool kids DO don the moldy sackcloth.

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