Shawnacy Marie Kiker is a full-fledged, if slightly reluctant, member of the human race. She thrives on a hearty diet of books, music, ideas and tea; and is committed to a life of wrangling thoughts and slinging words.

Shawnacy and her brood of offspring reside in sunny and overpopulated Southern California, and dream of someday residing somewhere else.

You can find traces of Shawnacy at the following locations; and if you are especially vigilant and doggedly determined in your searching, you may find yourself rewarded with a surprise box of delicious baked goods on your doorstep one fine morning. (the perfectly good kind of baked goods… not the creepy kind… just to clarify)



For being here, and reading and being just a generally awesome specimen of homo sapien, Shawnacy would like to offer you her most sincere thanks, topped with gratitude and a handfull of  smiley-face stickers. Use them at your own discretion.


2 responses to “About

  1. Are you a fan of the Chola as well, Shawnacy with the coolkindaquirkyfirst name

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