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Yay! It’s New Blog Day!!

Happy new blog day to you all! I’m wildly excited to have the new site active and looking nifty.

A quick explanation: if you’re subscribed here (if you get the new post info in your email) you’ll need to re-subscribe. Apologies, but honest-to-bacon it only takes 19 seconds. (Feel free to challenge my time. Anyone want to shoot for under 15?)

After today there will be no new posts here, and this URL  (the [dot] com address in the address bar above) will re-direct to the new new site.

If you happen to have linked this blog to your page/site, you’ll also need to update the link.

Thanks a million to all of you for hanging with me.

And without any more ado whatsoever, make the jump with me to the new site. Here. We. GO!



Contradiction Troubadour in Saint Minor

This gallery contains 2 photos.

. .     I wish to be a laughing prophet, divine and uproarious. But there are rocks in all my pockets, and I am too fond of the grey, cloud-rich sky. I wish to be a timeless mountain, existing … Continue reading